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Star Flat Rate Toll Free   $19.95/month

Finally! A small business toll free service with all the bells and whistles you need at a price you can appreciate. See how your new toll free number increases your sales and grows your customer base. The service originates calls from all over the US and terminate the calls on your mobile or office phone. Use your existing toll free number or get a new one. All for $19.95/month.

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BulletFax  $9.95/month

Fax lines and fax machines are a thing of the past. With BulletFax, you eliminate the expenses of a local phone number, a fax machine and all of the supplies required for faxing. BulletFax allows you to send and receive all of your faxes right from your computer or mobile email. We can provide you with a new fax number or you can use your existing number. You can send and receive faxes from any location and are no longer confined to a physical fax machine. Cut your $50+ phone line expense to just $9.95/month with BulletFax

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Local America  $9.95/month

Get a local number anywhere in the US for your customers to call. This is the perfect service for companies and individuals that want to establish a local presence in an alternate location. Flat monthly pricing of $9.95 makes this easy and inexpensive.

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