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DID Origination | Domestic & International

Simplify things and eliminate the cost associated with managing multiple carriers. Allow BBCOM to be your single vendor solution and maximize your utility with a single trunk group for all of your DID Origination. BBCOM has one of the largest US and Canadian footprints available and with both flat per channel and metered billing options, we can customize a solution to meet your individual needs.

BBCOM also provides the one of the largest International DID origination coverage, with global presence in over 63 countries.

Domestic Termination

BBCOM offers Domestic termination services, via VoIP or TDM handoff, providing direct routes for carriers with superior quality at competitive rates. Our extensive network ensures both high completion rates at the lowest possible costs.  We strive to provide our customers with high-quality, reliable, and scalable services.

Technical Specs:

  • SIP handoff only
  • Dips & routes based on LRN
  • RFC 2833 supported
  • T.38 Fax Enabled
  • 99.9%+ ASR Delivery
  • A-Z Premium International Termination

Toll Free Origination

BBCOM's Toll Free Origination service provides customers access to multiple Tier 1 networks enabling multi-vendor route redundancy. These services offer a number of options, including VoIP or TDM connectivity, customized rate plans and custom call routing features.

International Toll Free Origination

BBCOM offers toll free origination in 100+ different countries. This service is offered on a metered basis and is delivered via public or private SIP handoff. LNP services are available for most countries. This service has multiple business applications for global companies with locations throughout the world. Please click on our link for a list of available countries

Bullet.Fax | Fax-to-Email | Email-to-Fax

Change the way your business receives inbound faxes – with Bullet.Fax™ Fax-to-Email

  • Backup server that mirrors your data from your main server or ancillary server
  • Receive faxes over the Web.
  • Incoming faxes go directly to your email inbox.
  • Send Outgoing faxes from your PC right to any fax number, as simple as sending an email.
  • Continue to access your incoming faxes while working remotely.

Sure.Gigabit IP | High Speed Internet

BBCOM's Sure.Gigabit IP™ High Speed Internet is designed to be fast, reliable and ready to scale with your business' continuing growth. Our Multi Tier-1 BGP based Internet service provides access to multiple Tier-1 based IP backbones. This solution includes a comprehensive range of port interface speeds, industry standard service level agreements and service management capabilities. By combining scalability, an extensive network of multiple providers, and the reliability of our resilient MPLS network, Sure.Gigabit IP™ provides our customers with a quality IP service that performs at a superior level.

Rack Unit Colocation

When looking for a colocation solution, security, flexibility, connectivity and redundancy are of the utmost importance. BBCOM’s Rack Unit Colocation solution protects your business and guarantees steady connectivity, high bandwidth and peace of mind. Servers will stay up and running through various types of natural disasters ensuring your business continues to operate even under the most difficult circumstances. BBCOM also offers flexibility with partial rack space or full rack space, allowing you to choose the solution that best fits your company’s needs.